A night of tranquility would be good, it’s what I need so very much. Wrapped in your arms, all the world but you would vanish. In that place, my safe place with you, I would talk about all my hopes, dreams and fears. Then my mind would rest. My heart could pour out over you, easing the ache of a heart so full. Yes, a night of tranquility, this would be good, tonight. If only your arms were here with me now.



Where have I been you ask?
I have been walking through this life
looking for you.
Where am I going you ask?
I will go wherever this life leads me
but with you always by my side.

Ten thousand times

Ten thousand times I’ve closed my eyes and thought of you.
Ten thousand times I’ve whispered the words “I love you,”
as they fall to the wind and water.
Ten thousand times, my heart has ached for the sound of your voice
and the tenderness of your words as they whisper to me.
Ten thousand times I have wondered how a love can be so strong
how a bond between two people can be so powerful,
that words cannot capture what it is.
Ten thousand hours have passed since I found you, and ten thousand days may come and go.
My love will be here, passing through the hours that come
and the days that go by, for it is home, this heart of mine.
Ten thousand times, my love, is so small a number
for a love that has waited so long to begin again.

Tell me no more,

Tell me no more that I should walk away
letting the love I have found
drift through me, fading into the shadows
You see my life as one of longing
for a love you feel I will never have.
I see it as one of a soul bound to another
with a love I can never lose.
Tell me no more that I should walk away
for if I do, my heart will stay behind
tied to the heart of the one I love.
Then I too will disappear
like leaves scattered in the wind.

Just some words

There are days that I want to tell you what I’m feeling, but I can’t find the words. This is one of those days, and something I felt told me you needed to hear it. I’ve tried to write it over and over and it just doesn’t fall into place. When this happens I want to be wrapped in your arms, so that I can tell you how much you mean to me and how not a moment goes by when you are not in my thoughts, not one. I want to tell you how very much you mean to me, and that there is no one who could take your place, no one who could give me the things you have, not one. Perhaps I will find something poetic to write later but for now these are true words from my heart.

Listen to The Voice In Your Heart

Yesterday I sat with pen and paper
trying to speak with you,
something new I decided to try.Perhaps you would have the answers
to all the questions that fill me.
As I wrote those things I wished to know,
you were there, but only watching.
You spoke only to try and reach me
and tell me to stop
as you have done so often.
Stop doubting the voice in my heart.
Stop trying to find the answers.
Those answers will come in time,
when I am ready to hear them.
It took me hours to hear your voice,
as no doubt you watched me struggle
hearing only my doubts and fears
filling me with pain and sadness.
You spoke with strength yesterday
bending your shelter over me
telling me to be strong in the face of waiting.
As I have sent my love to you
to steady you when you are weary,
so it has returned to me.
I feel your hands behind me
and your arms around me.
Listen to the voice deep in your heart
and know that you hear all that you need.

~Dead Eyes See No Future~


Giving our blood
To the doomsday machine
Fighting for ravaged land
A worthless gain
Marching on a dead end road

A violent new disorder
Feeding off mistrust
Forgot what we were fighting for
A worthless aim
A victory stinking of despair

Dead eyes See no future
Falling from grace
We are coming home

Battalions of hate
Seeking shelter in hell
Bloodstained memories
Will we ever be forgiven
Our twisted fate
Time will tell

Click Here to hear , Arch Enemy’s Dead eyes see no future