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left alone

There is no smile now
there is no brightness
i have lost all hope
all my happiness is gone now
my life is just nothing, without u init
this is like intoxication
make me drink in this poison


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unhealable pain

Thinking of you again and again the pain im getting is unbearable Its more than a headache the pain im getting each and every second of my life, i cannot explain your words are flying all over my head, like your wispering in my ears i keep on waiting and my tears keep on falling my friends say why am i waiting for someone who is not caring about me and my life i left my mind and the answer blank

and now i want to say that, though u dont care about me and my life, ill always do its not something which i can do, i know how i feels about you

 your the only one whome i know i can be with

 god, what had happened to me ?

am i going insane ?

i can live,but the pain always will disturb me if ur not with me, thats for sure

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Sooooo alone in my bed, thinking about u
Alone with the same old dreams
Alone with the same thoughts

for u…
Alone standing in court
Alone I stand and fight
Alone I pray for my happiness

Alone in every morning I awake
Alone I cry out my sadness
Alone I voice out my fears
Alone I try not to be alone

but what to do…this is what iv got

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