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Engineer aku beinun vehjje !!!

Mi dhannavaa sharuthu hama vaanama thinadhoo boothah gulhuvvaidhevvun edhen. Ithuru mauloomaathu
beinun vaanama walkie-talkie in kamaabehei faraathuge masvaraa hoadhaaa.

 Engineer aku beinun vehjje !!!

fenvaru huri sharuthu:- 1.theli dhonnan engumaaeku valhufehi kahan engun
2.odi ehelan engumaaeku fangivinan engun
3.gifili belumaa vidhigen 2 masdhuvahah oriyaan kurun
4.kukulhu fahan engumaaeku kukulhu nolhaan engun
5.hasanaa, huseinaa vakikuran engun
6.loa korunuvaa bai umurah alhaafaivaa meeheh kamah vvun
7.kaashi binumaaai, hunigeinumun advance certificate hoadhaafai vun
8.fenvalhah vettigen haanika vefaivun
9.rihaakuru ola kuran engumaaeku mas aavilaan engun


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MSN Messenger Shared Logo


created using 3dsmax8

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Sooooo alone in my bed, thinking about u
Alone with the same old dreams
Alone with the same thoughts

for u…
Alone standing in court
Alone I stand and fight
Alone I pray for my happiness

Alone in every morning I awake
Alone I cry out my sadness
Alone I voice out my fears
Alone I try not to be alone

but what to do…this is what iv got

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I hate……..

I hate you more than everythin else,
I hate you more than i hate myself,
I despise most everything in this world but,
You’re the one to which it unfurls. You used me abused me,
Banged up and bruised me,
Denied me, lied to me,
Satisfied then defied me.

Left me weak, so to speak,
Your techniuq isn’t so sleek.
I bled for you, pled for you,
Instead now I dread you.

It isn’t so surprising,
You see why I said good-bye,
Trying to steal my innocence,
Practically made me die.

I can’t trust anyone now,
It has to be my fate.
No one must gate through my gate,
And so, I must hate.

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Since I don’t have you

under the milky way…
Since I don’t have you
I don’t have plans and schemes,
And I don’t have hopes and dreams.
I, I, I don’t have anything,
Since I don’t have you.And I don’t have fond desires,
And I don’t have happy hours.
I don’t have anything,
Since I don’t have you.Happiness and I guess
I never will again.
When you walked out on me,
In walked old misery,
And she’s been here since then.

Yeah, we’re fucked!

I don’t have love to share,
And I don’t have one who cares.
I don’t have anything,
Since I don’t have you.

You, you, you, oh, oh!
You, you, you, oh, oh!
You, you, you, oh, oh!
You, you, you, oh, oh!
You, you, you, oh yeah!

Guns n’ Roses

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hey guyz

Welcome to my blog…You may not like what i post, but pls do comment 😛

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