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When you finally realize you didn’t matter at all to someone, you begin to wonder if you matter to anyone

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I wish…………

I wish it wasn’t such a dreary day,

I wish that the sun would have stayed.

This darkness brings upon sadness,

Which leads to my madness.

I wish that this rain would bring a rainbow,

I wish that I could follow it wherever it may go.

This feeling of lonliness is deep inside,

This feeling of lonliness causes me to cry.

I wish that I could be happy,

I wish that I wouldn’t have to cry or cause myself to die.

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pls come back………..

A dark cloud floats above me, everywhere I go,

No one can see it, but I know it’s there though.

This dark cloud darkens and dampens my spirit,

Not allowing me to be happy, no way to conquer it.

This dark cloud floats above me, letting down it’s tremendous rain,

With my dampened spirit, I feel a heart wrenching pain.

This cloud has become a part of me, forever it is here to stay,

I wish to be bright and happy once again, but I can only wish for that day.

I thought when i met u, things gonna be fine

and finaly i could me happy as others


This cloud is turning black, lightening seems to appear,

Maybe this is my punishment for loving u, all I feel is fear, that i may loose u.

The cloud is floating closer, It is really near,

Now I see my destiny is this darkness, my destiny is clear……..

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The door of death

Each and every night I cry a river from my pain,

I wait to see if things will get better, but they don’t, they remain the same.

Each and every night I want to die,

For no one will care no matter what everyone says, they lie,

I know they want me dead.

Can’t anyone see the pain they’re causing me?

Especially the ones who’ve mainly caused this for me.

I can’t handle this pain anymore,

I’ll be going through the door….

The door of death.

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To those who cause me pain

You wonder why I harm myself and feel the way I do,

You’d understand if you look at what you do.

You complain about everything I do and make me feel like I do nothing right and I’m worthless.

Maybe if you told me that you were proud of me or tell me that I did something right I’d be better and wouldn’t harm myself as much, and maybe I’d be considered more “normal.”

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No 1 can stop me

A line of red appears,

Along my cheek are tears.

I can’t take living much longer,

Specially after what everyone has done to me.

I feel worthless and like I can’t do anything right,

I think about how I don’t matter each night.

The world and everyone in it would be better off without me,

I wouldn’t be missed one bit you’ll see.

Now I’m leaving this time for sure,

Nothing can stop me now anymore.

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